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Do you remember the joy you felt as a child? 


Do you remember that feeling of being free, while you ran through the park, or first experienced something beautiful?

I have so many of those memories. . .

Like when I got my first pair of glasses and I could see all the individual leaves on the trees outside my window for the first time.

If I go back there, in my mind, I can feel the joy rising and filling like a balloon inside my chest. 

That is what "High-Vibe" means to me.

It's not about being happy or positive all the time but simply celebrating those sweet, swift, joy-filled moments, when we remember how wonderful it is to be human and alive.

I want to share those moments when they come, and talk about how to create a life that is filled to the brim with joy and meaning.

I hope you'll join me!

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Writer, reader, artist, cook, singer, dancer, friend, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, mother of two, music fiend, TV junkie, movie lover, life-long learner, and unabashedly high-vibe.

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