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Like a pyramid, a healthy body provides a rock-solid foundation for all of our high-vibe pursuits.


Just as a solid pyramid requires quality bricks to achieve its purpose so our body requires healthy food to consistently function well.  

Healthy food habits don't just affect our ability to run a marathon, because the mind is part of the body, a lack of good food or healthy food habits will disrupt our ability to focus, maintain positive relationships, and control our emotions. 


If you have ever watched a hungry toddler throw a tantrum or go absolutely insane on a sugar rush only to collapse in sobs a little while later you have seen a very concrete example of how food comes into play in the body.

I speak from personal experience when I say that for some reason, as adults, we think that we are not affected in the same way as children.

We don't see that the reason we are so angry about being bombarded with questions the moment we walk in the door from work, is not that we are terrible parents who hate our children, it is about having skipped lunch to work on a project and grabbed a donut in the break room instead.   

I think we make a mistake when we think about food as just being healthy fuel though, food is so much more than just that, well-made, delicious food is an absolute pleasure to create and partake of and this is especially so when we share it with others. 

Image by Stefan Vladimirov
Family Dinner

So here you will find an approach to food that is not just about being healthy, although that is a priority, but also about having delicious food that begs to be shared.

And make sure you keep an eye out for my "Grandma" recipes, which are not recipes handed down from my Grandma, unfortunately, they are recipes that I have perfected over the years to achieve "Grandma" status.


These are the recipes I teach my kids to make and that will hopefully get passed down to my grandkids along with the happy memories of making these meals with me and eating them at the family table surrounded by love. 

Preparing Jams

Bon Appetit!

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High Vibe Food

High Vibe Food

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